IAR0115-LPC11C14Uppsala, Sweden. IAR Systems today announced IAR KickStart Kit for NXP LPC11C14. Recently introduced by NXP, the LPC11C14 device adds a controller area network (CAN) 2.0B-compliant controller complete with on-chip CANopen drivers to the LPC1100 family of Cortex-M0 based microcontrollers. Based on the previously announced IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1114, the new kit has a CAN interface on the evaluation board to support the features of the LPC11C14 device.

IAR KickStart Kit for LPC11C14 includes a LPC11C14-SK development board fitted with a LPC11C14 microcontroller, an IAR J-Link-Lite debug probe for ARM, an 8K KickStart edition of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM Cortex-M0, and a 20-state evaluation edition of IAR visualSTATE.

The board also provides debug support through IAR J-Link-OB, a standard JTAG connector or a small SWD connector. The evaluation board can be powered via the IAR J-Link probe, or by an optional external power supply. In addition to the CAN interface it also provides some user configurable devices such as a small LCD, buttons and LEDs, analog trim wheel, buzzer and a prototyping area.

Many automotive applications have traditionally employed CAN but it is now being selected also for an increasingly number of industrial and commercial products where microcontroller-based systems need to interact together.

IAR Embedded Workbench is an Integrated Development Environment with a complete and easy-to-use set of C/C++ cross compiler and debugger tools for professional embedded applications. It contains project manager, editor, linker and librarian tools, C-SPY debugger, full integration with IAR J-Link, complete upgrade path available from IAR Systems. IAR visualSTATE is a UML-compliant graphical design environment for reactive systems, with advanced formal verification and validation tools as well as a very powerful code generator.

IAR KickStart Kit for LPC is available now from any of IAR Systems distributors, your local IAR Systems sales office, or from the IAR Systems e-shop. www.iar.com/eshop.