Larson Electronics’ announced the addition of two new Buy American Compliant LED bulbs, including a dimmable 30 watt PAR38 LED bulb and PAR46 LED bulb. The 30 Watt LED bulb (LED30W-PAR38) is available in warm white, 6000K bright white, red, blue, green, amber, 850nm infrared and 940nm infrared. The 40 Watt LED bulb (LED40W-PAR46) is available in 6000K bright white or in the same selection of colors at 12 watts.

Larson Electronics’ added a new dimmable 30 watt PAR 38 LED bulb that can replace any standard PAR 38 incandescent bulb. PAR 38 bulbs are popular as outdoor floodlights, theater lighting and general area lighting in commercial and residential applications. Available in 120/240 Volts AC or 12/24 volts DC, the LED30W-PAR38 produces as much usable illumination as a 150 watt incandescent PAR 38 while only drawing 1/5th of the current. also announced the addition of a 40 watt PAR 46 LED bulb. The PAR 46 bulb is a 6 inch bulb is commonly used in handheld spotlights, car headlights, Unity post mount spotlights (police car spotlights), aircraft landing lights and all types of commercial trucking and heavy equipment. The LED40W-PAR46 produces more light at distance than a standard 100 watt incandescent PAR 46 and draws less than 4 amps compared to the nearly 9 amps drawn by a 100 watt PAR 46 on 12 volts.

“Both the PAR 38 LED bulb and the PAR 46 LED bulb are dimmable via PWM (pulse width modulation) or variable voltage,” said Rob Bresnahan, with Larson Electronics’ “We produce both bulbs to run on 120/240 Volts AC or 12/24 volts DC and offer a wide range of colors, including infrared 850nm and 940nm. We don’t use filters with our LEDs, instead we use the appropriate color chip in the bulb to maximize the light output. Instead of using diffusing filters to create a flood pattern, we produce different optics to control the beam spread. By doing so, the Magnalight LED bulbs optimize the light output and provide a strong alternative to incandescent PAR lamps. There are other LED bulbs out there, but we haven’t seen any that offer as high wattage as we do, combined with our deep understanding of optics and maximizing usable light output. We use these bulbs in our portable EPL-PM-1X30LED explosion proof LED light with excellent feedback. The PAR 38 LED bulb significantly outperforms a 120 watt incandescent, but falls about 20% short of a 250 watt incandescent. The PAR 46 LED outperforms a 100 watt incandescent in a Unity police spotlight, but doesn’t have as tight a beam. In either case, operators are getting 50,000 life hours between bulb changes and are drawing much less current, while getting a much more vibration proof, weather resistant, durable LED light source.

Larson Electronics’ offers an extensive array of LED lighting, ranging from high powered vehicle LED lighting to explosion proof LED lighting for hazardous location areas. In addition to offering T-series replacement LED bulbs, offers the LED7w-E26 standard LED replacement and now the 30 watt PAR38 and 40 watt PAR46 LED bulb. You can learn more about Larson Electronics at or contact 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363 international).