attenuator w thumbwheelNarda Microwave introduced the Model 743-60 step attenuator that provides attenuation of 0 dB to 60 dB in 10-dB steps via a thumb-wheel and direct readout, and covers DC to 18 GHz. The Model 743-60 is precise, with attenuation deviation of 1 dB or less from 0 dB to 40 dB, and no more than 1.5 dB to 60 dB of attenuation. Resetability is < 0.05 dB; VSWR is <1.5:1, and the temperature stability is 0.0001 dB/dB/deg. C. The attenuator can handle RF input power of 2 W average and 200 W peak, and uses Type-N female connectors. The Model 743-60 measures 1.43 x 1.75 x 0.5 in. and can be panel mounted with an optional kit available from Narda.

Narda Microwave