30W pwr suppTDK-Lambda has introduced a low-profile DIN rail-mount power supply that operates off a wide range of AC input voltages, ranging from a nominal 100 V to 277 VAC. The model DSP30-24/277A is rated at 30-W and provides a 24 VDC output at up 1.25 A and is adjustable from 24 V to 28 VDC. It is 2.2 inches deep, making it appropriate for installations in shallow enclosures commonly used in building, automation and security applications. The output voltage can be adjusted via the front panel potentiometer, and front mounted LED indicators give an immediate visual indication of output status (Green LED=ON, Red LED=DC Output Low). A 24 V peak-peak square wave output is provided that is in sync with the AC line frequency and can be used as a system clock for timing applications. This sync signal along with the positive and negative output lines is available via the supplied 3-pin AMP connector (P/N 3-640427-3). The power supplies feature a universal input, allowing them to operate from any AC input voltage between 90 V to 304 VAC, 47 Hz to 63Hz, without the need to reposition an input voltage selector. Because the units are Class II Double-Insulated, no earth ground wire is required. Operating efficiency for this supply is typically 87 percent.

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