wide range thermometerControl Company’s Traceable Memory Wide-Range Thermometer temperature range covers –328 to 2,498°F and –200 to 1,370°C. Resolution is 0.1 from –200 to 640°C (–328 to 990°F), otherwise 1°; and meter only accuracy is ±1°C. Supplied stainless-steel, triple-purpose, a Type-K thermocouple probe may be used to measure temperatures of liquids, air/gas, and semisolids. Large, 1/2-inch-high LCD is easy to read. The thermometer accepts any Type-J, K, or T probe. Minimum and maximum readings may be recalled instantly. The unit features a backlit display so that answers may be read in poor lighting— even total darkness. Computer output allows thermometer to be connected to a computer or data logger for capturing and storing readings. Count-up timer provides a relative time measurement while taking temperatures and recording MIN/MAX memories.

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