mini temp sensors 4 portablesSTMicroelectronics announced a miniature, digital temperature sensor targeting portable devices. The STTS751 is mounted on the circuit board to feedback accurate temperature data allowing the system to manage its temperature, for example, by activating a cooling fan or shutting down circuitry. The new sensor measures 2 mm x 2mm, and has a low 50-uA operating current, a 3-uA standby current, and a one-shot mode for battery-powered devices. One-shot operation allows the sensor to sleep for extended periods, waking only to provide an instantaneous reading when triggered by the system. The STTS751 is accurate to within 1°C and communicates its temperature data via an industry-standard System-Management Bus (SMBus) interface. This allows the sensor to be easily designed into a wide range of consumer and professional equipment including solid-state drives, large display backlights, smart batteries, servers and routers, telecom and Internet infrastructure, and e-readers.