LARC Direct Drive frameless motors kitsApplimotion’s LARC Series is available up to 1 meter in diameter. This motor technology uses simple Lorentz force mechanisms to create motion. Magnets, mounted to a metal ring, or arc-shaped segment, interact with current in phase coils to create force. This force is applied at the radius creating torque. Controlling the coils is easily done using a microcontroller and some transistors. The coil holder contains three coils, (three phases), that can be energized in a variety of ways to create motion. Motor operation has never been easier for the logic and controls engineer.

The ULT motor line has evolved over the last 10 years with over 200 different models to choose from. The LARC motors just add to low profile options.

Prices range from $800-3000 for solutions ranging for 200 mm to 1 meter diameters.