SOT23 silicon controlled rectifier Central Semiconductor announced the release of its CMPS5064 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR).This device is packaged in SOT-23 is a 400 V, 0.8 A SCR designed for applications with space constraints requiring a fast switching high voltage device. In addition to the high voltage capability, key attributes of the CMPS5064 are a low 0.8 V gate trigger voltage with a low 200 µA (max) gate trigger current, and a fast on-state switching speed of 2.8 µs (typ). The SOT-23 package uses 84 percent less board space than the SOT-223 and 64 percent less than the SOT-89. It also has a 39 percent lower profile than the SOT-223 and 36 percent less than the SOT-89. The CMPS5064 is suitable for applications such as over-voltage protection, pulse generation, lamp drivers, and battery charging regulation. Ideal end-products include: digital cameras, GFI protection products, and small motor controllers. Pricing for the CMPS5064 starts at US$0.48 each for 3,000 pieces.

Central Semiconductor