tantalum capacitors for SSDsAVX Corporation has developed a new range of high capacitance PulseCap tantalum capacitors that feature a low profile. The PulseCap tantalum capacitors are designed for applications that require bulk capacitance to boost transmitter power, such as solid state drives (SSDs), PCMCIA/USB wireless express cards, smart meters, GPS transmitters and GSM high-speed wireless data handling. Two case sizes of tantalum products are available; case sizes "6" (14.5 mm x 7.5 mm x 2.0 mm) and "4" (7.3 mm x 6.1 mm x 2.0 mm) are rated from 1000 µF to 3300 µF (3. 3 mF) with a voltage rating of 4 V to 1 V. A maximum case height of 2 mm makes the PusleCap Series appropriate for reduced-height applications. The 'undertab' termination style, where traditional 'J' leads are replaced by terminations that do not protrude outside of the outline of the case, increases volumetric efficiency and allows parts to be positioned closely together.

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