snap-in pushbuttons w LEDNKK Switches announced the availability of the MB2400 Series of miniature, snap-acting, snap-in mount pushbuttons. With four different bezel styles and seven standard bezel colors to choose from, design engineers can be creative in their configuration of MB2400 Series momentary-action devices. The bezel colors serve as frames to enhance both the appeal and functionality of the devices. There are three bezel options that feature built-in LEDs. Choices range from one round LED to two round LEDs to two rectangular LEDs. The LEDs enable MB2400 Series switches to be used to indicate status at a glance. The 11.5 mm square pushbutton caps are available in seven colors and adding legends is a simple process, with the company featuring a wide range of legend options. The series, which also features a short stroke, light touch and audible feedback, provides engineers with not only a wide range of options, but also high reliability. Mechanical life for the MB2400 Series is rated at 200,000 operations minimum.

NKK Switches