photovoltaic encapsulantOerlikon Solar and DuPont have collaborated on a new thin white reflective solar PV encapsulant sheet, called DuPont PV5223. This latest addition to the DuPont PV5200 Series of PVB sheets enables easy manufacturing of next-generation thin film PV modules that are said to not only capture sunlight coming in, but also reflect more sunlight back through the module's active layer, thus capturing an extra zap from every available ray of light. DuPont materials research, guided by Oerlikon thin film manufacturing know-how, produced the DuPont™ PV5223 white reflective encapsulant sheet for use in Oerlikon multi-stack laminating processes. The white reflective encapsulant is placed on the back (non-sun-facing) side of Oerlikon Solar's thin film coatings. By making a white reflective encapsulant, DuPont helps Oerlikon Solar eliminate the need for reflective paint. Tests conducted by Oerlikon Solar and DuPont show desirable retention of the 0.45-mm encapsulant's performance properties after 1000 hours of damp heat aging. The white PVB sheet delivers stronger adhesion than clear PVB sheet materials, which translates into tougher, longer-life modules, the companies assert.

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions