MLV varistors to 150 pFAVX Corporation expanded its miniature TransGuard 0201 Series multilayer varistor (MLV) to include 125 pF and 150 pF versions. The series now provides a capacitance range from 10 pF to 150 pF. The TransGuard 0201 Series allows designers to clamp transients and filter EMI in one ultra-compact device. Designed for all small handheld devices, the miniature 0201 bi-directional transient voltage suppressor provides minimal signal distortion and low insertion loss. The one-chip solution is asserted to decrease the chip count on PCBs. The TransGuard 0201 MLVs provide multiple strike capability and are able to withstand 1,000 strikes at 8KV of contact. The series features a sub 1nS response time to ESD strike. The devices feature a 5.6 V rating and have a leakage current of <5 uA at rated voltage.

AVX Corporation