logic analyzer LeCroyLeCroy Corp. announced LogicStudio 16, a logic analyzer that asserts a new debug experience to the PC. The hardware provides16 channels with a high sample rate of 1 GS/s and maximum input of up to 100 MNHz. The software provides a dynamic waveform display with a smart, intuitive user-interface that is navigated by a few basic mouse clicks. LogicStudio provides tools for digital debug such as timing cursors, unique zooming and panning of waveforms, a persistence display and a history mode which can replay old data captures. Protocol analysis for I2C, SPI and UART is included to decode waveforms as they are captured and provide the ability to trigger on specific address or data packets on the bus. For engineers who use the company’s WaveJet oscilloscope, the LogicStudio software will interface with the scope, import analog waveforms from the scope on the fly, and turn the PC into a mixed signal oscilloscope, providing a view of up to four analog and 16 digital channels simultaneously.

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