Amulet Technologies announced the availability of GEMstudio, a drag-and-drop GUI development environment for creating high-end, color touchscreen human-machine-interfaces (HMI), with smartphone-like graphics, for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit bit embedded systems. This GUI development environment can be used by both graphic designers and software engineers. It integrates tools for visual layout, interactive PC based simulation, and programming of the flash memory in the target embedded hardware. GEMstudio’s WYSIWYG layout tool uses the same rendering engine as Amulet’s royalty free graphical OS, so graphic designers can see, in real time, exactly how the design will look on the production hardware. At the push of a single button, GEMstudio will compile the entire GUI project, optimize and compress the images and fonts and run the GUI in the built-in PC based simulator. The simulator also uses the same rendering engine that is built into Amulet’s royalty-free graphical OS. The interactive WYSIWYG simulator makes it quick and easy to perform user interface testing and visual proofing of the UI without needing the target hardware. The tool can program the entire GUI directly into flash memory on the target embedded hardware.

Amulet Technologies