high temp capacitorsAVX Corporation has expanded its offering of multilayer ceramic capacitors to provide high capacitance values at temperatures of up to 150ºC. Designated the X8L Series, the high temperature MLCC range has an elevated capacitance performance at a temperatures range to accommodate applications in harsh environments. AVX’s X8R Series and X8L Series MLCCs are RoHS-compliant and feature desirable low-loss performance and temperature stability. X8R capacitors demonstrate a capacitance variation over temperature of ±15 percent between -55ºC and +150ºC, while X8L products have a variation of ±15 percent between -55º to 125ºC and +15/-40 percent from +125 to +150ºC. The new X8L capacitors deliver a CV of 0.47  ?F/25V in an 0805 package, a comparable X8R device is rated at 0.22 ?F/25V. The X8L Series also extends the voltage availability from 50 V (X8R) to 100 V.

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