frequency moduleConnor-Winfield released a GPS disciplined reference and synchronous clock generator. The FTS250 is a TCXO based module that offers desirable timing and frequency characteristics with low power consumption in a small, cost-effective design. The module is a GPS driven, mixed signal phase lock loop, providing a 1 PPS CMOS output and generating a 10 MHz CMOS and 10 MHz SINE output from an intrinsically low jitter voltage controlled crystal oscillator. The FTS250 can lock to a 10 MHz reference derived from the on-board GPS receiver, or to an external 10 MHz or 1 PPS reference. Alarms are provided to indicate Loss-of-Lock, Holdover and Antenna Fault. The on-board GPS receiver requires an outdoor mounted GPS antenna for best stability and consistent performance. The mode control inputs are used to manually switch between references and/or holdover. The user application should monitor the alarm outputs and manually switch modes as needed. Serial I/O lines provide access to the NMEA messages from the GPS receiver and can be used to access GPS timestamp information or to verify that the receiver has recovered from an alarm condition. The configuration flexibility of the FTS250 makes it appropriate for use in remote transmitters, radio base stations, digital video broadcast equipment, any 3G base station application, WiMax base stations, military radio, and general timing and synchronization needs.