clamp meter wirelessExtech Instruments introduced the EX845, a 1000A AC/DC CAT IV clamp meter with the company’s Meterlink technology and a built-in infrared thermometer. Meterlink technology wirelessly connects FLIR infrared cameras to Extech meters via Bluetooth to accelerate and simplify inspections. During infrared inspections of electrical components, users can transmit key electrical readings such as current or voltage from an EX845 clamp meter directly to a FLIR infrared camera. This technology instantly imprints the electrical readings onto a related infrared image not only adding time-savings, but also ensuring accurate, coordinated documentation for PdM inspection reports. The EX845’s True RMS meter functions include AC/DC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, infrared and contact temperature, diode-test, and continuity check. Its peak hold function captures inrush currents and transients.

Extech Instruments