32-bit digital signal processorsAnalog Devices unveiled the newest additions to its SHARC portfolio of 32-bit floating point digital signal processors – the SHARC 2148x and SHARC 2147x Series. With up to 5 Mb of integrated memory, these processors are said to extend single-chip, floating point signal processing precision to a wide range of applications and enable high-end system functionality in portable devices. The company asserts the SHARC 2148x series processors deliver up to 33 percent greater performance (400 MHz) and up to 250 percent more on-chip memory (5 Mb) than competing 32-bit floating point DSPs. the 12 mm x 12mm SHARC 2147x Series processors consume 363 mW power (typical use-case) and deliver performance up to 266MHz with up to 5 Mb on-chip memory. New SHARC 2148x and SHARC 2147x processors feature dedicated hardware accelerators with independent compute units and DMA memory mapping, enabling the ability to execute FFT/FIR/IIR signal processing operations in the background to free up MIPS for core processing. Memory use is optimized via Variable Instruction Set Architecture (VISA) support, which can free up as much as 30 percent of memory space, according to the company, for application code through reductions in instruction opcode sizing.

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