SMT illuminated pushbuttonE-Switch launched the LP37 Series illuminated pushbutton switch, which features a right angle, surface mount design with long travel. LED colors of red, green and yellow are available. Specifications include a mechanical life of 30,000 cycles, force of 250 +/- 100 grams, full 5.1 =/- 0.5 mm travel (switching: 2.95 mm nom; Latching: 3.3 mm nom), SPDT contact arrangement, contact ratings of 3\20 mVDC to 5 0VDC; 10 mA to 250 mA, 50 milliohms (initial max) contact resistance, 1,000 Megaohms (min at 100 VDC) insulation resistance, and dielectric strength of 250 VAC. This illuminated pushbutton is suitable for the telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking, low power on/off designs, performance audio and computer markets.