Plug in modulesJanus Remote Communications expanded its Terminus platform of GSM/GPRS, CDMA, and UMTS modem devices to include board-level, plug-in modules for use in wireless communication applications. Developed in cooperation with wireless module manufacturer Telit Wireless Solutions, these interchangeable modules are designed for quick and easy integration into all new and existing M2M designs. Combining full M2M functionality with the flexibility of a standard “plug-in” DIP design, the Terminus GSM865CF, Terminus CDMA864CF and Terminus UMTS864CF share the same mechanical footprint and offer users the ability to easily configure their applications for communication via any cellular protocol. All Plug-In modules operate at 5.0 V. The GSM and UMTS modules include SIM Card sockets. To allow for easy integration, these cellular devices are available as open frame modules.

Janus Remote Communications