mid range microcontrollersMicrochip Technology Inc unveiled several new 8-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) that are asserted to set the industry benchmark for low-power microcontrollers and peripheral integration. These MCUs feature active currents of <50 µA/MHz and sleep currents down to 20 nA. The PIC16F19XX MCUs feature peripherals such as mTouch capacitive touch-sensing module, LCD drive, multiple communications and more pulse width modulator (PWM) peripherals. All of these general-purpose MCUs are suited for applications in the appliance; consumer; industrial and automotive markets. According to the company, nanoWatt XLP technology, combined with the low active-current consumption of these new MCUs, improves overall energy efficiency to levels currently not readily available. Microchip’s Enhanced Mid-range 8-bit architecture is said to provide an up to 50 percent increase in performance, and 14 new instructions that result in up to 40 percent better code execution over previous-generation 8-bit PIC16 MCUs. The PIC1XF182X MCUs include dual I2C/SPI interfaces, multiple PWM channels with independent time bases, a data signal modulator, and other peripherals that enable designers to combine many functions into a single MCU. The PIC16F19XX MCUs provide up to 28 KB of Flash program memory, and the on-chip LCD drive supports up to 184 segments and provides a low-power drive mode.

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