Symmetricom, a major supplier of precise time and frequency technologies, announced a line of embedded software solutions. These solutions enable network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to incorporate Symmetricom's synchronization technology into their offerings to provide their customers with more versatile, high performing solutions.

"Providers have been demanding increased visibility and control of their evolving network infrastructure," commented James Armstrong, EVP and general manager at Symmetricom. "As Carrier Ethernet adoption increases, there is a growing need for synchronization solutions that provide greater levels of flexibility, robustness and management capabilities. Symmetricom's embedded solutions enable NEMs to deliver just that."

Symmetricom's line of embedded solutions enables NEMs to leverage years of real-world experience and provide their customers carrier-class reliability and precision along with enhanced levels of scalability and technology integration. Symmetricom embedded technology is more versatile than silicon solutions, has been field proven in trials and deployments and shown to be industry-leading in performance. With Symmetricom embedded solutions, NEMs now have a simpler and faster path to integrate a wide range of timing technologies while achieving smaller footprints, lower power consumption, improved manageability and overall cost reductions.

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