coin cell battery holdersMPD is introducing P/N’s BV-1632 & BV-1632-G, two lithium vertical battery holders for CR1632, BR1632 or DL1632 size batteries. The BV-1632 and BV-1632-G are particularly suitable for single board computers (SBCs) with tight space constraints. They are designed to be as compact as possible and withstand harsh environments where SBCs are sometimes found. The holders require less than 4 mm in height on top of the PCB and under 19 mm long, 5 mm thick. Typically CR2032 vertical battery holders range from 23 mm to 26 mm above the PCB. A cutout into the PCB is used to sink the holder with battery slightly. The holder snaps onto standard 0.062” thick PCBs using three plastic latches and four solder points to assured stability under any conditions. The plastic body is glass filled nylon and the positive and negative contacts are phos-bronze with nickel or gold over nickel plating. The battery is retained by the positive contact that slips two latches over the top of it and slides aside to release the battery. Battery contacts feature redundant arms pressing against the battery.

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