Six U VME single board computerExtreme Engineering Solutions announced the availability of XCalibur1531, a 6U VME single board computer with Freescale Semiconductor’s dual-core MPC8572E PowerQUICC III processor. This SBC is appropriate for commercial, industrial and military embedded computing applications. Features include the Freescale MPC8572E PowerQUICC III processor with dual e500 Power Architecture cores at up to 1.5 GHz; two channels of up to 4 GB of DDR2-800 SDRAM with ECC; up to 16 GB of NAND flash and 256 MB of NOR flash; SATA 3.0 Gb/s port; three USB 2.0 ports; and two PrPMC/XMC interfaces. The in-house X-ES operating system support includes Green Hills’ INTEGRITY Board Support Package (BSP), Wind River’s VxWorks BSP; QNX’ Neutrino BSP, and Linux BSP. Pricing starts at $7,985.

Extreme Engineering Solutions