scope analyzer voltmeter dataloggerTiePie Engineering’s Handyprobe HP3 is a USB oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, voltmeter and data logger with a differential input capable of measuring voltages from 200 mV full scale up to 800 V DC (566 V AC), 10 bit resolution, a high sampling rate of 100 MSamples per second, comtinuous streaming at 10 MSamples per second and a record length of 1 MSamples. Measurements can be performed directly on the mains power or a motor driver without worrying about making a short circuit through the instrument’s groud. When measuring in communication bus systems there is no risk that the bus will be shorted by wrongly connecting the instrument. The 10 bit resolution ensures a high measurement accuracy. The amplitude accuracy is 0.3 percent full scale, and the high sampling rate of 100 MSamples per second and long record length of 1 MSamples make it possible to capture fast events with high accuracy.Advanced driver technology makes it possible to continuously measure at a sustained rate of 10 Msamples per second, making the Handyprobe HP3 the fastest data logging USB instrument in the world, according to the company.

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