emitter w drive electronicsCal Sensors announced the launch of PIREPlus, a high-output, high-pulse rate emitter that can be pulsed as a source of blackbody radiation for near-to-far infrared applications at 180 Hz with 50 percent modulation depth. With a pulsing speed that is asserted to be 18 times faster than alternative technologies, the emitter maximizes signal to noise performance, expanding the measurement dynamic range and resolution for trace gases with very low parts per million. The solid state emitter offers high output (4x10-2 Watts/cm2 at 1 inch from filament) and includes integrated drive electronics. The radiating element in the emitter is an ultra-thin specially designed metallic foil configured to ensure radiation from both sides of the heated foil is efficiently directed out of the package along the optic axis. The foil material has an emissivity of 0.88 and closely emulates a blackbody source in spectral distribution. The emitter is offered with a standard integrated reflector to provide near collimated and uniform radiation output. A variety of elliptical reflectors with varying focal lengths are also available for coupling into optical fibers and other applications.

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