GPS module 4 rapid navVincotech has launched modules based on the latest SiRFstarIV technology. The A2100 GPS receiver module is built around the new GSD4e chip with sophisticated firmware. The special SiRFawareTM technology is said to allow the module to be in a state of readiness at all times thereby enabling rapid navigation for long periods! According to the company, the module will monitor and maintain precise time, internal frequencies and satellite orbit information (ephemeris) – all at a low current draw down to 500 µA. Thus the A2100 is asserted to be able to respond to a position request within seconds. Continuously reporting a fix in Advanced Trickle Power mode can be achieved with a current draw of less than 6.5 mA. Combining the tracking sensitivity of -163 dBm and an autonomous acquisition sensitivity of -148 dBm, the module is suited for all GPS applications requiring low power consumption in harsh environmental conditions.

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