3250 spectrum analyzerAeroflex 3250 Series spectrum analyzers include an optional 8 GHz tracking generator. Suitable for any kind of bench or lab environment, the new 3250 Series tracking generator has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 8 GHz and a level range from 0 dB down to -20 dB. An adjustable output level, with a setting resolution of 0.5 dB, provides flexibility when testing the frequency response and compression characteristics of amplifiers, filters, and non-linear devices. The addition of the 8 GHz tracking generator broadens the series to include testing on higher frequencies used for WLAN, WiMAX, Wireless Broadband (WiBro), ground-satellite communications, television broadcast, military radar, and utilities applications. The 3250 Series features RF phase noise performance of -115 dBc/Hz, DANL -145 dBm/Hz, a standard 30 MHz bandwidth digitizer and basic digital modulation analysis software.

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