multi touch controllerSTMicroelectronics introduced a very advanced multi-touch ‘resistive’ touchscreen controller chip, which detects up to ten simultaneous touches with fingers, nails or stylus and allows application designers to replace complex menu sequences with more direct and natural user controls. Employing resistive touch-panel technology, the STM32TS60 controller offers customers an alternative and complements the recent industry trend for using capacitive touch technology. Resistive technology seen dramatically improved performance over the past few years in terms of durability and display transparency, the company asserts. In addition, it easily overcomes EMI issues, which can be an inherent limitation with alternative touch technologies. Resistive technology is already widely used in PDAs and similar touch-enabled devices, and the screens are readily available in standard LCD sizes and at competitive prices. The chip combines the company’s STM32 microcontroller architecture with PMatrixTM Multi-Touch technology from ST‘s partner Stantum, to achieve fast response times while minimizing system complexity and component count.