display minicard moduleCavium Networks introduced a fully standards-based Display MiniCard module intended for integration into next generation notebook PCs and netbooks to enable high performance, low latency wireless display capability for consumer and enterprise applications. The DMC module employs Cavium’s netHD technology using H.264 compression and WiFi 802.11n networking to transmit high quality video and graphics for viewing local content, such as Windows Media Video files stored on the hard drive or Blu-ray movies, as well as online content streamed from the internet on any display throughout the home. The company asserts the module provides pristine quality text and graphics encoding, owing to the advanced pre-processing hardware integrated into the on-board PureVuM CNW5XXX. At 44.40 x 26.80 mm, the DMC module plugs into the Display MiniCard slot on the motherboard, taking the raw display content from the GPU through the internal DisplayPort interface and sending the H.264 compressed and HDCP 2.0 encrypted stream to the notebook PC’s integrated WiFi module on the PCI-express bus for transmission to a remote wireless display.

Cavium Networks
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