board to board lighting connectorsAVX Corp. has expanded its wire-to-board connector product offering to include board-to-board connectors specifically designed for the LED lighting industry. Designated the 9159 Series, the connectors offer both card edge (one-piece) and plug-and-socket (two-piece) interconnect options. The double-ended card edge version provides a direct connection to both ends of a standard PCB with tin plated pads in two, three, four and five positions. These 2.0 mm pitch connectors support 3 A current and 250 V ratings. The connectors are 5.0 mm high and come in both black and white options. The two-piece connector version is surface mounted on one side of the PCB, which allows the LEDs to be placed on the other side to maintain consistent spacing. These 3.0 mm pitch and 3.0 mm high connectors are 5.50 mm wide when mated together. Tooled in two, three, four, five, and six position, these connectors are also available in black and white options.

AVX Corp.