HD system for SAS21Molex introduced the iPass+ High Density (HD) system, referenced as mini-SAS HD in the SAS 2.1 standard, to meet SAS next-generation speed and density requirements. This system provides 8x as well as 4x cable-plugging options. The iPass+ HD external input/output (I/O) connector includes eight sideband signals per 4x port. These additional signals enable active copper and optical cables, as well as active pluggable modules for extended-length applications in data centres. The new pinouts for iPass+ HD map easily to existing legacy products. The reduced size of the iPass+ HD system provides additional real estate and beach front for system designers. A standard PCI Express card can accept four current 4x mini-SAS connectors and a low-profile PCIe* card accepts two 4x mini-SAS connectors. The iPass+ HD will provide for four 4x ports on a low-profile PCIe card, doubling the port density on a low-profile PCIe card. Multi-plugging provides the designer the capability to plug either one 8x plug or two 4x plugs into the same 8x connector, increasing the functionality of the solution. End users may not have to go buy a new cable.

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