computer on module with ITXVIA Technologies introduced the VIA EPIA-T700: said to be the first product based on the recently announced Mobile-ITX form factor. It measures 6 cm x 6 cm and is designed for a range of ultra-compact embedded devices in medical, military and in-vehicle applications. The VIA EPIA-T700 can be used with a variety of carrier boards that can be adapted and customized to meet the needs of a range of applications and is powered by a specially miniaturized 1GHz VIA Eden ULV processor and the compact VIA VX820 MSP that together offer desirable I/O flexibility. The unit features 512 MB of DDR2 on-board system memory, meaning compatibility and reliability are guaranteed. The VIA VX820 media system processor adds features such as the VIA Chrome9 DX9 integrated graphics core, the VIA Chromotion video engine with hardware acceleration of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9, and VC1video formats, and VIA Vinyl HD Audio supporting up to eight channels of HD audio. An integrated multi-configuration transmitter enables display connection to TTL LCD panels and CRT monitors.

VIA Technologies