NtelliJet series of Low-Profile coolersJaroThermal announced the introduction of its brand new NtelliJet series of Low-Profile coolers today. The new low-acoustic cooler uses rapid-fire pulses of turbulent air (produced by an oscillating diaphragm working between 50 and 200hz ) to cool heatsinks and surrounding components.

The advantageous features of the NtelliJet cooler present an entirely new concept of thermal cooling ability. In addition to ultra-high reliability and low profile height (max 15mm), there is also a total elimination of mechanical wear, dirt and dust clogging.

The new series is also immune to shock & vibration, and provides an impressive 100,000 hours of life at 60°C. The NtellJet is ideal for focused thermal requirments, when cooling is needed for specific chips or areas of coverage.

For more information, please contact Dennis Eisen at d.eisen@jarothermal.com or visit the website at www.jarothermal.com.