sixty V power MOSFETVishay Intertechnology released a 60-V n-channel power MOSFET in the SOT-923 package that is said to provide space savings over devices in larger packages such as the SC-70 and SC-89. The SiM400 in the SOT-923 measures 1 mm x 0.6 mm with a maximum height profile of 0.43 mm. On-resistance for the new device is 3.9 at VGS = 10 V, 4.8 Ω at 4.5 V, and 8 Ω at 3.5 V. The SiM400 will serve in a very wide range of small-signal switching applications where minimal board space is available, including miniaturized motors in digital still and video cameras, electro-luminescent backlighting, and boost dc-to-dc converters, where its dimensions will help to save space and/or enable greater functionality. The device is lead (Pb)-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant. It additionally provides ESD protection up to 1500 V.

Vishay Intertechnology