colorimeter for analysis and controlSilios Technologies announced new mini-colorimeters are based on SILIOS' DVF (discrete variable filter) technology for any application of analysis and control of online products using the visible spectrum. They are composed of a DVF mounted on a CMOS bar plus an electronic board for the control command and the recovery of data via a USB link. The integration of these colorimeters is simplified by their small size (36 x 36 sq. mm) and their ease of connection (USB). They can be delivered with a library of DLL functions allowing easy application programming. A development kit including demonstration software is also available. DVF technology allows the supply of very compact, efficient, low cost multi-spectral filters. DVF chips are composed of a set of cells, each of them filtering a narrow band of wavelengths. They are collectively made according to the production methods of microelectronics. The application fields include color measurement, printing industry, LCD displays, environment (water, air, waste), photovoltaic cells and thermal solar panels, and medical.

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