ManageUPS CIOChloride North America announced today that its ManageUPS CIO UPS centralized infrastructure management software is capable of sending email alerts to all mobile devices, providing professionals with remote visibility of key UPS performance measures, regardless of location. IT professionals can now instantly access detailed status reports on distributed UPS modules on a mobile device, such as a Blackberry or iPhone, whether they're around the corner or across the globe. If an incident occurs, ManageUPS CIO software sends a notification email to the mobile device alerting the user to take immediate corrective action by accessing the device Web server. Some incidents, such as power or network failures, can be either localized or broad-based affecting hundreds of UPS connections simultaneously within a building, campus or wide area network. ManageUPS CIO reduces these incidents to a single alarm notification summarizing the number and identities of affected UPS. Chloride ManageUPS CIO software acts as a "single pane of glass" for real-time monitoring of multiple and remote-site UPS, as well as for the automated shutdown of server computers due to utility power failure, low batteries, or an environment threshold related event that requires automated load shedding or server protection.

Chloride North America