Ethernet DAQ modulesIOtech has released three new data acquisition modules in the 6000 Series of advanced measurement products. These products combine Ethernet-based DAQ modules with powerful, easy-to-use software. The 6222 is a 12-channel, simultaneously sampled, thermocouple input module. It features 24-bit resolution, for accurate temperature measurements. The 6230 and 6231 are 12-channel, high-speed, isolated voltage input modules. Each module includes a 24-bit ADC per channel. All inputs are sampled simultaneously at up to 50 k S/sec per channel. Channel-to-channel isolation of 250Vrms isolation is also provided. The 6230 features a ±10 V input range, while the 6231 offers measurements up to ±6 0V. Each module also includes eight digital I/O channels. Also included with each 6000 Series module is Encore interactive measurement software which combines an intuitive user interface with robust functionality