eaton logoRALEIGH, N.C. …Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today introduced its Network Shutdown Module (NSM) version 3.20 for Macintosh operating system (OS) X Snow Leopard. Eaton’s NSM is one of the most intuitive software products for Mac users, giving them enhanced power control over any iMac, MacPro or Xserve server running Snow Leopard. It is also now fully functional with HID-USB-enabled Eaton uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) from the Pulsar series.

“Unlike competitive offerings that still provide a UPS-centric view of the power infrastructure, this latest version of NSM for Mac OS X goes a step beyond and manages all the dependencies between Mac workstations, servers and UPSs to administer power where the Information Technology (IT) manager cares most – at the server level,” said Hervé Tardy, vice president and general manager, Eaton Distributed Power Quality Business Unit. “In addition, the management of redundant power sources assures the IT system will wait until the last level of redundancy to initiate a safe and orderly shutdown. With the NSM software, Mac users can make the best usage of their high-availability power systems.”

With the latest version of NSM, automatic OS shutdown and reboot in case of a prolonged power failure is now a standard capability, right out of the box. When NSM is installed on Macs protected by Eaton UPSs from the Pulsar series, NSM is designed to gracefully shut down Snow Leopard in the event of an extended power outage before the UPS depletes battery run time – saving energy and protecting data. Through the Safari browser, users can easily monitor power consumption or enable energy conservation schemes, such as the ability to automatically switch off non-essential peripherals or schedule the start-up and shutdown of the system on a weekly basis.

Powerful redundancy management modes are available when protecting multiple Xserve servers. When combined with Eaton’s Environmental Monitoring Probe, around-the-clock monitoring of environmental conditions – such as heat and humidity – is conducted at the server level. In addition, multiple Eaton UPSs and power distribution units (PDUs) can be remotely monitored and managed from Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Manager supervisory software.

NSM, along with Eaton’s comprehensive suite of software products, is available as a free download with the purchase of an Eaton UPS through its Web site, For more information about Eaton’s power quality products and services, visit