Advanced Analogic Technologies moved into the LED backlit LCD television market with the first chipset families in a series of power management semiconductor systems designed to enhance energy efficiency and user-experience for LED backlit LCD televisions. The AAT2403 is a dedicated 16-channel high current LED driver capable of driving LEDs in a single string powered from an external Step-up or Step-down converter. The AAT2405 (six-channel), edge lighting driver can be paired with the AAT2404 high voltage boost controller to deliver a configurable solution for Edge LCD Backlighting. Also released for edge applications are the AHK2417E (eight-channnel) and AHK2418E (16-channel) for systems with up to 100 mA/channel LED output current with ±2.5 percent accuracy and matching. The AAT2404 is a DC/DC boost controller IC which can operate from a 12V or 24V input supply and boosts the voltage dependent upon the number of LEDs in the string.

Advanced Analogic Technologies