Pwr Profile cable assembliesFCI introduced its Pwr Profile+ low profile I/O cable assemblies. Pwr Profile+ cable assemblies and mating board mount headers are a low profile (8.38 mm height) and high current density alternative to existing cable-to-board power connector solutions. Pwr Profile+ is based on a stamped-and-formed power contact technology and is available with two power contacts (for power and return applications), two signal pins for presence detection or power control and a grounding shield on the board connector for EMC requirements. The signal pins for power control are useful for applications that require current/voltage monitoring and/or feedback regarding battery charge levels (in the case of a battery back-up application). The presence detection feature includes a jumpered signal contact that allows the system to monitor which ports have mated cables and which are empty. If power control or presence detection is not needed, the signal contacts can be omitted.