multifunction mezzanine cardCurtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has introduced the XMC-660, multi-function mezzanine card that combines wireless, GPS and cryptography to provide portable, secure in-the-field wireless connectivity. The light-weight, small form-factor XMC-660 helps add trusted wireless communications to VME, VPX and cPCI embedded systems for applications including luggable computers, manpacks, and secure laptop computers. Designed for rugged environments, the XMC-660, based on the VITA 42 XMC standard, combines support for WiFi 802.11 n/a/b/g communications, Zigbee 802.15 asset tracking, and GPS location services on a single plug-in mezzanine card for systems integrators building embedded wireless networks. Power dissipation for the card is 7 W (typical)/8.4 W (max). It requires a 5 V power supply from the basecard. All other necessary voltages are generated on-board the XMC-660.

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing