SFS-BGA104A-52 socketIronwood Electronics’ latest high performance socket – SFS-BGA104A-52 allows 0.5 mm pitch, 8 mm x 8 mm body, and 15 X 15 array BGA devices to be socketed and operate without compromising performance in demanding automotive applications. The Giga-snaP BGA SMT adapter pair consists of SFS-BGA104A-52, patent pending female sockets with machined pins and sleeve spring into an assembly that matches the male pin LSS-BGA104A-51. The RoHS compliant SFS-BGA104A-52 is soldered to a PCB using standard RoHS soldering methods. Both adapters are constructed with high temperature Torlon 5530 material assuring match with target PCB’s and preventing failures that occur with CTE mismatch. LSS-BGA104A-51 BGA adapter, to which the user attaches a target 104 ball BGA chip, is plugged into the female socket on the board, thereby chip is interconnected and the system is ready to go.

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