Hillcrest’s libfreespace is an open source library that enables rapid development of software applications for use with a wide range of Freespace devices. Motion control can now be added to product categories beyond TV remote controls, game controllers and PC accessories, including: wireless presenters, smartphones, medical diagnostic devices, body-worn computers, virtual reality systems, interactive toys, fitness devices and others.  The new library supports the Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.0 operating systems. Freespace devices interface to these operating systems as a Human Interface Device (HID) using mouse, keyboard, consumer page or vendor specific messages. Hillcrest’s Freespace Reference Kit (FSRK) Version 3.1  allows prospective customers to evaluate the technology for use in devices that require in-air pointing or motion control. Key features include exceptional inertial pointing algorithms to provied high accuracy, low latency, adaptive tremor removal, and orientation compensation; and six digress of freedom for in-air pointing, gestures, and 3D motion tracking applications, with no external sensors and no line of sight requirement.

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