next generation cooling softwareFuture Facilities has introduced its 6SigmaET electronic thermal management software. It is capable of building the model entirely from intelligent objects which speeds up model creation, enables automatic gridding and simplifies post-processing. It supports the recent trend of redefining the form factor of electronic products by erasing the traditional boundaries between the box, rack and room. With 6SigmaET for example, PCB level design can be done in the context of the data center as the final application. An automated process is used to completely convert incoming computer aided design data to intelligent objects such as the chips, capacitors, resistors and other components on a PCB, and complex shaped heatsinks. A heat sink can be snapped onto a chip and a chip can be snapped onto a board. The intelligence contained in every aspect of the model enables automatic meshing such as increasing the grid density in critical areas.

Future Facilities

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