quad output power socAkros Silicon introduced a quad-output digital power SoC built around its GreenEdge digital isolation technology. The AS1454 eliminates the need for low-speed, bulky opto-couplers and integrates the functionality of up to eight separate ICs used in current implementations. This leads to a reduction in design footprint and bill-of-material costs. The AS1454’s built-in cross-isolation DC/DC timing management and digital power control delivers 92 percent DC/DC efficiency with desirable light-load efficiency management for energy-efficient, green-power applications. The AS1454 integrates a wide input range (9 V to 72 V) isolated primary converter, a 2 kV isolation barrier, a high-current-capable buck or boost PWM controller, and two 2 A buck regulators into a single device, and it offers selectable spread-spectrum clocking on all pulse-width modulators (PWM) to reduce power-supply spectral noise by more than 15 dB to lower the EMI signature of the switch-mode power supplies and ease system design for EMC compliance. 

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