San-tron, Inc has announced the release of Type N T connectors, UG-28A/U and UG-107B/U, manufactured with a unique counterbore technique. San-tron has replaced the miter-cut joining technique with a counterbore joining technique. The Type N T adapters are rated for operating voltages of 1000 VRMS and have a maximum dielectric withstanding voltage of 2500 VRMS at 60 Hz at sea level. Available in both male and female versions, the Ts are designed for a temperature range of -65°C to +165°C and meet interface standards in accordance with MIL-STD-348. The T adapters are manufactured with PTFE dielectric material and feature gold and silver center contacts for ideal connectivity. They are available in albaloy, nickel, and silver body finishes. Pricing for San-tron 0410-38 and 0410-39 T connectors start at $5.70 and $6.20 @ quantities of 3,000+, respectively.

San-tron, Inc.