RTS 2701 Recording and Playback System with Multiband Transceiver PentekProvided in a 19" rackmount server chassis, the RTS 2701 Recording and Playback System from Pentek includes a Dual-channel multiband transceiver. The system is well suited for digitizing analog signals from a communications system or a radar system and delivering that data to high-speed disk arrays at sustained data rates as high as 500 MB/second. Input signals can be centered at IF frequencies as high as 300 MHz, so the RTS 2701 can handle a signal that is 40 MHz wide at 140 MHz just as easily as a signal 10 kHz wide at 21.4 MHz.  By plugging in a monitor, mouse and keyboard, the user has a ready-to-use Microsoft XP PC-based instrument. The system comes with 5 terabytes of disk storage in a RAID array, and recorded signals can be played back through D/A converters, reproducing real-time analog output signals while preserving the original bandwidth. From $44,995.

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