Toshiba TLP109/TLP116AComing in a 4.55-mm × 3.70-mm × 2.10-mm SO6 package, Toshiba America Electronic Components’ TLP109 and TLP116A SMT photocouplers exhibit a min. isolation voltage of 3,750 Vrms. The 30-V (max.), 1-Mbps, open-collector output TLP109 has max. propagation delay of 0.8 µs, typ. common-mode transient immunity of ±10 kV/us, and operating temperatures from -55°C to 100°C. The 6-V (max.), 20-Mbps, totem-pole output TLP116A offers max. propagation delay of 60 ns, min. common-mode transient immunity of ±10 V/us, and operating temperatures from -40°C to 100°C. The TLP109 addresses digital logic isolation, line receivers, power supply feedback control, switching power supplies and transistor inverters, while the TLP116A serves plasma display panels, high-speed interfaces, and factory automation applications. Pricing is $0.85 each and $1.50, respectively, in 125 quantities.

Toshiba America Electronic Components