Galil RIO-471x2Including 254 symbolic variables and 6 programmable PID loops, Galil Motion Control’s RIO-471x2 Pocket PLC provides 400 lines of program memory. The device contains 8 analog inputs and outputs, 16 optically isolated inputs and outputs, a 32-bit processor, and non-volatile memory. The controller includes arithmetic and logical processing, process control loops, data logging, counters and timers. The unit communicates via Ethernet and RS232, supports Modbus TCP/IP as both master and slave, has a Web interface, and sends e-mail alerts. The PLC receives power from PoE or an external supply from 18 VDC to 36 VDC, and LED indicators display all digital inputs and outputs. The 3.88" × 4.26” × 1.30" product comes in a metal enclosure with D-type connectors. Pricing is $345 in single quantity and $245 in 100 quantities.

Galil Motion Control